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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

They're coming...!

This winter has been dreadful, with tremendous snow storms ravaging the East Coast. Not a time you want a box full of tiny, defenseless tilapia risking an interstate journey to your home.

The weather is turning warm, now. So I put my order in this morning. Come 24 February I should have approximately 25 lively little fishies swimming in a mesh bin in my 100 gallon tank.

Fingers crossed. Knock on wood.

The garden, meanwhile, has been puttering along nicely. Almost all my original seeds sprouted. The marigolds are blooming, the cabbage is dominating the landscape, and the fennel is aggressively spreading its delicate fronds. The parsley, chives, and eggplant have grown, but aren't what I'd call hardy.

I've been loving the mustard, plucking off a broad leaf every day or so to put in a sandwich. Spicy. And the transplanted basil on the other side of the grow bed is going strong despite having been snipped regularly for pizzas, sandwiches, and pestos.

We aren't living off our aquaponic produce yet, but it's definitely added zest to our lives!

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  1. That sounds exciting. I can't wait to hear more when they arrive.