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Sunday, May 29, 2011

An Accidental Experiment

The Control Plant

I didn't intend to compare growth in my aquaponics system to regular soil gardening. But when I couldn't use all the seedlings my daughter started for me in March, the extras got tossed aside. The "control plant" is a squash seedling that continued to grow in the soil under 'natural' conditions. The scissors are in the picture to give a sense of scale.

Admittedly, a seedling in a soil plot that was being tended by a dedicated gardener might be thriving more than my control plant. But I am not a dedicated gardener, so it seems a fair comparison.

The Aquaponic Specimen

Here we have a squash plant that was started at the same time, but has had benefit of growing in the aquaponic environment. Other than feeding the fish and correcting the pH of my system, I have done nothing more to nurture this plant that I have done for the control plant.

If you look hard, you'll see the scissors at the base of the plant. The size and maturity difference are significant.

Here are a couple more pics, just for fun.

May blossom #1

May blosson #2

Beets I seeded directly in the hydroton

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