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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh, Where are my BSFs?

The cryptic saga of my Black Soldier Fly Larvae

I don't have my BSFs yet. I don't know how they'll be doing by Monday - the 7th day since they were shipped.

USPS claims they left notices - I think they're knocking at the wrong door, because I was here at 3:09 today. There was also someone at my house ready to receive the larvae yesterday. And we've seen no written notices.

In the mean time we've got lots of compost waiting for the BSFs when they do get here. Assuming they are still alive by then...


  1. Hello Meg, did you get the BSF larvae? Curious to know if you got a biopod or made your own diy BSF grower. Also wanted to know what you are going to do in the winter to keep BSF going. Thanks for your research I really appreciate you sharing what you discover.

  2. I got my BSF larvae, and they were just fine. The Phoenix Worm folks, it turns out, package them so they can store for weeks or more.

    My little guys came in a cute plastic container, with plenty of media to wriggle around in. They're truly tiny, so for now they're hanging out in a glorified vase, feeding on the pulp left over from a family member's juice diet.

    Plan is to make them a bin out of one of the 4.5-gallon plastic pails I got from, imitating a design my Mom came up with and blogged about over at

  3. Thats so cool. Are you planning anything special to keep BSF going in the winter?

  4. I'd love to excavate under my greenhouse and install a subterranean heating/cooling system combined with a rocket mass heater. I think that could keep things sufficiently toasty to keep growing throughout the winter. I'll need to check with the county and find out if I need permit(s), if I have sufficient space to do it if a permit is required, etc.