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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Miss Utility changes my plans

The reason my fish tank is full of petals...

The weather has been beautiful, and so I decided it was time to start digging the planned 18" hole for my sump.

Turns out there are utility cables buried I want my sump to be. I was able to dig the sump a few inches down without interfering with the utility lines, which should be enough, if not as much as I hoped for.

Since I can't go down deep, I've decided to ditch the sunken walkway idea and go upward instead.

The fish were in the 100 gallon tank I intend to use as the sump. In order to move the tank, I drained all but 2-3 inches of water out into the 150 gallon tank. In the process I was able to see all the fish. In addition to the minnows, there are still a surprisingly large number of blue gill and redear.

One of the blue gills looks much larger than any of the fish I plopped in the drink on March 18. I've never seen the blue gill or redear eat food I've tossed in the tank, so either they've not needed food, have slurped old food/insects/leaves off the bottom when I wasn't looking, or they've been snapping up minnows at their leisure.

Since the permanent structure can only be 5'2" tall, I plan to make it so the roof can be easily and securely elevated when needed. When I get it done, I'll be posting pictures of the greenhouse with the roof in both the raised and lowered positions.

In the mean time, it's just been lovely to be able to be outside in my yard during this time of year - something I've never before bothered doing in the 14 prior springs I've spent in this house.

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