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Monday, June 6, 2011

Community Gardening

Sustainable Tucson (Arizona)

Had the chance last night to host a couple of folks from Sustainable Tucson who were visiting the DC area for a conference.

The idea behind Sustainable Tucson is to create a city system could continue to function and sustain itself, if external oil and water were to be interrupted or end.

According to Tres (pronounced like 'trace') and Paula, the average water use per person is something like 600,000 gallons annually (drinking, bathing, agriculture to grow food and wearables, water used in manufacturing). Rainfall in Tucson provides a mere 80,000 gallons per person per year.

Their ideas involve such things as conservation, but also community gardens. And that is where the aquaponics comes in, because aquaponics is so much less water-intensive than other gardening techniques.

I showed them around the place and they took lots of pictures of the fish and the siphons and the plumbing. Then we had a nice dinner which included a green salad fresh from the garden, home-made rolls with herb butter (garden again), and generally had a very pleasant evening.

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