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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fresh Water Monsters

River Monsters with Jeremy Wade

A friend insisted I sit down and watch a few episodes of River Monsters, one of her favorite shows.

Wow. Seriously fun show.

In the mean time, my little monsters appear to have given up their piscivore habit - no new victims despite the fact I was on travel last night and my delegated fish-feeders forgot. [Late or missed feedings in past have resulted in floating victims...]

Meanwhile the little bugs are gone. I sprayed them off physically with water, then applied an organic pest control for caterpillars and bugs made from common kitchen staples (check out Organic Garden Pest Control).

You know, a reason I have time to watch River Monsters and blog is my fish and garden take practically no time to maintain. Toss some food to the hungry fish, glance around the garden, ooh and aah at how much everything has grown. That's it.

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