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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Look what Netflix Recommended...

A Crude Awakening

Since I've indulged in several documentaries talking about peak oil and food issues, Netflix now highlights other, similar, movies for me to consider. Today's recommendation was A Crude Awakening. This is not a comfortable film to watch, but it's interesting to see that it came out in 2006 - the same year world-wide oil production peaked.

If documentary films about the screwed up food/energy/carbon situation depress you, don't watch this one. But if such documentaries energize you to live sustainably and work towards a peaceful post-oil future, then feel free to flex your brain with this particular offering.

From a film student perspective, it's interesting to compare the 2006 A Crude Awakening with the 2004 documentary The End of Suburbia. The two films cover similar ground and lay out almost the same facts. But I think the 2006 film is better. More terrifying, but better.

The 2004 film End of Suburbia

When I am old and [more] gray, it will be interesting to look back and see how the reality compares to the messages we are being given circa 2011.


  1. I recommend the following books (you may have read them): The Last Oil Shock by David Strahan (British Journalist) and It's The Crude Dude by Linda McQuaig (Canadian Journalist).

  2. I also recommend (and available on Netflix):
    I.O.U.S.A. - also not a feel good flick, but well done
    Collapse - a bit fringe-ish, but an interesting overview
    Fuel - a lighter message, and a great look at the future potential for biofuels.