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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Countdown Plan

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I don't want to buy this entire aquaponics system in one go.

[Actually, I do, but other people wouldn't like it. And I love them...]

Since we get paid every two weeks, here is my plan for the weeks leading up to January, when I plan to buy the tilapia. I'm including stuff I did in the past month as well (I already have a water pump, air pumps, and bubblers).

10/15 - Purchase the Murray Hallam DVDs ($65 via The Aquaponics Source)

10/29 - Purchase the fish tank and grow bed (~$150 from Southern States)

11/12 - Purchase the 2'x4' heavy duty shelving (~$80 from Home Depot)

11/26 - Purchase the gravel ($50) and bell siphon bits ($10)

[Start seedlings, focusing on lettuce and herbs]

12/10 - Purchase the grow lights ($128)

12/24 - Purchase bio-activation stuff and accessories ($60)

01/07 - Obtain permits and buy tilapia ($22.50 for permits, $114 for White Brook Farms tilapia fry)

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  1. We're running a bit ahead of schedule - bought the grow lights the day after Thanksgiving, and mailed in checks for the permits. I'll post a final cost for the system (minus false starts) when I've completed the system.