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Friday, November 12, 2010

Payday: shelving, plumbing, and rocks

3/4" River Stones (520 lbs for only $12)

Anticipation makes the reality all the sweeter. The past few weeks have been like Christmas, aquaponics-style. Stopping by the store for a few minutes, just to make sure the shelves were in stock... Malingering in the plumbing aisle, making sure the bits fit... Sitting down to watch "Aquaponics made Easy" with my youngest and jotting down ideas...

It is all the anticipatory fun of the holidays without the stress of tradition and obligation.

And sometimes the anticipation pays off.

I planned to buy my 3/4" river rock from Home Depot. It wasn't going to cost much: just $50 for 14 bags @ $3.50/bag.

Then I drove by Sisler's Stone - a place I've driven past (and been driven past) since I was teeny.

I figured it had to be cheaper to buy stone from a wholesale place. Plus I could just fill up my 50 gallon tank to exactly the right level. There was only one downside. I would need to buy the gravel sooner (before plumbing the growbed) rather than later.

This was a downside?

Today was gorgeous: bright, warm, dry - the kind of day that vies for one of the top ten days of the year. A perfect day to shovel gravel. Sisler's calls it "river jack," which is a Delaware stone. Colors range from off-white to shades of grey to some reds.

For those of us (like me) who've never bought bulk stone before, it works like this.
  • Drive onto the scales to weigh your vehicle before you add the stone.

  • Drive down into the stone yard and load up with your stone of choice.

  • Drive back to the scales where they measure you again, with the stones.

  • Park and pay the nice people.

I'm going to go back out and enjoy the rest of this beautiful day. Tomorrow I will talk about the shelving, with a picture of how the system looks assembled.

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