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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Moving this sucker

MAN Atlante fronte 1040572
Titan Atlas, the heavens on his shoulders

I goofed. When I set up my initial system, I wasn't sure what my final design would look like. So I put a full 3x5 unit(fish tank, grow bed) along a clear bit of wall.

I did precisely locate it according to the eventual position of one of the 3x5 growbeds. Alas, the final plan won't have a fish tank in that place. And I can't move the fish tank without disassembling the stand and growbed.

Moving 500 pounds of wet rock, along with 800 pounds of nicely seasoned water is daunting...

Here's my plan:

1) Clear the wall where I want the fish tanks to end up, eventually. [This involves building a double-deep box shelf to house the boxes that currently reside along that wall.]

2) Empty the growbed. Luckily I hadn't planted anything yet. Phew! I have a couple of big sturdy bags that I believe will accommodate the gravel. I can stop pumping water into the growbed for a day or two before this move, to let water drain.

3) Move the growbed onto wood blocks. The wood blocks will protect the plumbing bulkhead, which I'll want to keep in place.

4) Disassemble the 2'x4' shelf unit.

5) Pump 50 gallons of the water into the empty growbed. I'll replace the current standpipe with a length of 3/4" tube that extends above the top edge of the growbed.

6) Discard the remaining water. Since I have a couple small fish, they'll get to live in the 50 gallon growbed for the duration.

7) Move the empty fishtank to the new location.

8) Reassemble the 2'x4' shelf unit.

9) Anchor the 2'x4' shelf unit to the wall.

10) Pump the 50 gallons of water from the growbed back into the relocated fishtank. [Move the fish too.]

11) Position the empty growbed on the 2'x4' shelf.

12) Return the gravel to the empty growbed.

Is it mere coincidence that there are 12 steps to this effort?

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