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Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Alive!

The 3x5 setup as of last night

What a difference a day makes. I drilled holes, plumbed the growbed, moved the 520 lbs of rock, and added water. This video shows the siphon working while I was adding water to the growbed:

I was all set to call it a day. Alas, someone (aka the imp) decided the fish tank must necessarily host fish. They borrowed the camera and got this shot of the poor unfortunate en route to its new home:

Fish irrevocably consigned to the brand-new (and murky) tank, I immediately added air and conditioned the water with Amquel water conditioner. I have no idea how much temperature or pH shock the poor thing endured - not to mention being terrified. The three other goldfish are still in their tank, so at least we're only doing search and rescue for the one fish.

I had to get a new water pump and fiddle (a lot) with plumbing, but I finally got the autosiphon working. In a day or two the water should clear up enough to see the fish, whatever its state. Here's a video showing the bit parts. Sorry about the last couple of minutes - you get my audio but probably can't see the lovely laminar flow coming out of the drain tube against the black of the tank.

Phew! Now to get some rest...


  1. what size tubs did you use how meny gallons each?

  2. The short one on top is 50 gallons and the tank below holds 100 gallons. I've got a set of videos over at that discusses all this in more detail.